Dmitrii A
Founder & Director
I founded this foundation to take a step into the future, into the future development and formation of a new digital economy. To introduce people, the state, businesses to the new realities of the economy. To launch global digitalization and create clear rules of work for the comfortable implementation of their plans.
ICF is:
  • Bank
    A digital asset bank working for the benefit of people
    Worldwide Stablecoin
  • Connect
    A bridge between real finance and digital
  • Knowledge
    The development of the digital industry provides not only new knowledge and new jobs, but also a huge leap in social development.
ICF for:
Интеграция криптопроектов и цифровой экономики в государство
Cryptocurrency Exchanges
Предоставление ликвидности для полноценной работы
IT companies
Поддержка криптопроектов ликвидностью
Интеграция с платежными системами
Блокчейн, DEFI, Social
Social responsibility
Образовательный вклад в бизнес работающий в реальном секторе экономики комьюнити